On a wing

Or a wave

A plummeting bird


Sinking ship-

that’s saved

Flying, not falling

It’s a siren-calling

The longing comes later,

A song sung

from Future’s daughter

Floating on Air

Buoyed by Sea

On a wing


On a wave

It’s who we dare


#Vacation: Two Shells, by Inga Eissmann Buccella

Another illustration for the book…



Two Shells

by Inga Eissmann Buccella

For over five years Inga Eissmann Buccella has been creating custom pet renderings and illustrations of pets and owners for her Etsy shop. She has also written and illustrated three children’s books and has a fourth on the way!

She writes poetry and draws daily. Last year Inga began writing her first novel and is working on another. Both are historical fiction, involving parallel timelines that may or may not intertwine. Both are illustrated and feature poetry too.

You can check out Inga’s website at www.wordstodrawon.com and her Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/pupspressions.

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