This morning I was given an opportunity to teach a Draw Your Pet Class at a local library.

The children brought in photos of their own pet.

As I describe the process I go through when creating renderings for my shop Pupspressions, they listened intently.

First they sketched out their subject while they were to think about the personality of their pet. (The idea is to bring out the personality in the drawing.)

As the class came to an end, I realized that even though most drawings were not proportionately correct, it was the student’s innate creativity that made the Art-Work.

I think we are all born with a creative spirit, but sometimes don’t exercise it as we grow up.

Get out a pencil, or marker and keep your creative spirit alive.



On a wing

Or a wave

A plummeting bird


Sinking ship-

that’s saved

Flying, not falling

It’s a siren-calling

The longing comes later,

A song sung

from Future’s daughter

Floating on Air

Buoyed by Sea

On a wing


On a wave

It’s who we dare